Congressman Leonard Lance

Representing the 7th District of New Jersey

Visiting D.C.

While you are in Washington, DC, I encourage you and your family to stop by my office. Whether you're coming on a short business trip, or an extended family vacation, my office can help you make arrangements for some of the more popular Federal attractions in our Nation's Capital.

Tour Requests

We are able to help you reserve tours to the White House, the U.S. Capitol, the Library of Congress, the Supreme Court and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Place an online tour request

These tours are an excellent way to see all that the nation's capital has to offer and all of these tours are of no charge to you. All tickets are provided to my constituents on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to the large number of visitors, please request them as early as possible in order to maximize your chances.


White House tour requests are required to be submitted at least 21 days in advance of the requested tour dates and require additional security information. All tours are granted on a first-come, first-serve basis and the White House Visitors Office has sole authority to grant White House tours.

Please note requesting 4 months in advance of your desired tour date is recommended. The holiday season, school breaks and the summer are often busier and take longer to process requests, it is best to submit forms as early as possible.

The White House only offers tours from Tuesday through Saturday at times before 12 noon.  You may want to arrange your travel days to maximize availability.

After you have submitted a request online, you will receive a coded excel sheet by email from my office within a few days. Each person attending the tour must enter their information into this excel sheet before the request is sent to the White House to begin security checks.

While we understand this information is sensitive and some are concerned about transmitting this over the internet, an excel sheet is the only format the White House will accept. If you do not wish to transmit this information over the internet, you may do so over the phone to my office so we may record it in the excel sheet.

We are bound by the rules the White House has set.  If you need any further assistance before submitting a tour request, we would be more than happy to answer your questions via phone call or email.



The U.S. Capitol Building offers public tours on a walk-in basis as well as reserved tickets through their website. The Capitol is open Monday through Saturday from 8:30am until 4:30pm.  You do not need a reservation to tour the Capitol, but it will cut down on wait time.

If you wish to see the House Gallery, please include a mailing address and number of passes needed in your request.



The Bureau of Engraving and Printing requires several months advanced notice for tours March through August. No tickets are required September- February.  Tours run every 15 minutes from 9-10:45am and again from 12:30-2:00pm. It is only open on weekdays and closes on federal holidays. Upon filling out a request, you will receive an email from my office. Please fill the sheet out as a word document and send it back through email.

Washington, DC Tourism Information

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