Congressman Leonard Lance

Representing the 7th District of New Jersey


Apr 15, 2013
Press Release

CHESTER, NJ – Congressman Leonard Lance (NJ-7) on Monday, April 15, 2013, held a Tax Day event in Chester to highlight his support for enacting meaningful tax reform on the federal level. Joining Lance was Chester Mayor Robert (Bob) Davis, as well as taxpayer advocates and concerned citizens.

“The Internal Revenue code has ballooned to a 5,600-page, 4 million-word complicated mess that is seven times as long as the Bible with none of the good news," said Lance in front of the Chester Post Office where many Morris County residents were mailing their tax returns to comply with the April 15th federal tax deadline. "It’s time to clean it up and enact a tax code that is simpler, fairer and more conducive to economic growth."

During the event the Seventh District lawmaker said when it comes to tax reform he would be guided by three principles. First the Congressman said, "we must simplify the tax code to help America’s working families and entrepreneurs," and "close special-interest loopholes to help lower individuals rates and ensure that middle-class Americans will pay no more taxes than they do under current law.”

Lance also said he wants to, "level the field for companies by lowering the corporate rate so U.S. firms can compete with rivals abroad."

And he called for changes in the tax code to help a small businesses spend less time complying with complex tax rules and more time and resources growing and creating jobs.

"It is critically important that Congress create a tax code that is easier to navigate and promotes growthto benefit small businesses and the U.S. economy as a whole," said Congressman Lance.

Congressman Leonard Lance concluded by saying he believes the time is right for getting tax reform completed. “Now there are some in Washington who believe in shrinking the economic pie through higher taxes is the best way to spur job creation and erase the government’s trillion-dollar deficits. I believe there is an emerging bipartisan consensus for growing the pie through reform of our tax code that promotes growth and investment and strengthens America’s long-term fiscal solvency,” he concluded.

During the event, Mayor Davis praised Lance for his calls for lower taxes: “Congressman Lance has a long standing record of being a champion of the taxpayer and I am proud to support his efforts in making the tax code simpler and less burdensome for hard-working Americans."