Congressman Leonard Lance

Representing the 7th District of New Jersey

Lance Backs FAA Bill to Modernize Travel

Sep 27, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. --- Congressman Leonard Lance (NJ-07) backed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Authorization Act this week, reforming the country’s air traffic control system and modernizing transportation infrastructure.

Infrastructure bills like this matter – New Jerseyans want to travel efficiently for business and pleasure and it can be frustrating to be stuck in airports or on runways.  We have to get airport improvements going and implement new safety standards to improve air travel for everyone.  And I pleased the FAA bill includes my legislative language forcing the FAA to create a plan to better manage local pilots inconvenienced by flight restrictions around Bedminster during visits by the President,” said Lance.    

The final conference report included Lance’s legislative language that would require the FAA to conduct a study and recommend procedures allowing properly vetted pilots to fly during Presidential temporary flight restrictions (TFRs).

The bill also includes a number of reforms to improve aviation infrastructure, strengthen travel safety, and ensure American companies remain at the forefront of aviation industry manufacturing. Among the highlights:

• Provides funding to modernize airports and eliminates regulatory barriers to financing and completing much-needed projects.

• Includes reforms to improve the quality of air travel for American consumers.

• Implements guidelines to enhance safety for both travelers and airline employees.

• Pares down regulations hindering U.S. manufacturers and streamlines the oversight process.

• Adapts the aviation system to the newest technologies, promoting the safe integration of unmanned aircraft systems.